Recover Faster from the injuries holding you back.  Be Stronger to prevent the risk of injury.  Live Healthier with exercise and a balanced lifestyle to continue doing what you love.


Amy Fahlman, Ottawa phsyiotherapist

 BSc PT, MCl Sc (manip), FCAMPT

How physiotherapy can help


Aches and pains begin with repeated improper movement that slowly causes tissue damage.  This happens during something as simple as sitting at your desk, recreational activities, to the more complex training regiments of competitive athletes. I can help you identify the movement restrictions and muscle imbalances that caused your injury.  I treat the source of the issue, not just the pain itself, to help you recover faster and get you back to doing what you love.


My Philosophy

Every person is unique in their body, activities, and pain.  I aim to understand your individual goals and fitness requirements so I can identify the best treatment for you.  I tailor your rehabilitation to your individual situation, working as quickly as possible to get you back to whatever your life requires.