“You can take the girl out of the prairies, but you can’t take the prairies out of the girl.” 

Or so my husband would say since I’ve hung onto a bit of my Saskatchewan drawl…

I grew up on a small acreage in rural Saskatchewan.  I developed an interest in physiotherapy at a young age .  I was first exposed to physiotherapy during a high school track practice.  We had a guest coach one practice whom happened to be the physiotherapist for Canada's Olympic sprint team.  One conversation with him and I was certain physiotherapy was my direction.  I studied physiotherapy at the University of Saskatchewan.   I started my career in Saskatchewan, mentoring under nationally renowned physiotherapists.

Adventure led me across our great and vast country to the Nation’s Capital, which has become my home away from home.  I have worked with the team at Killens Reid Physiotherapy since moving to Ottawa in 2008.  

I have participated in a number of recreational and competitive sports over the years, always with an interest in distance running.  However, in 2013 I joined the CrossFit community.  Since then I have become keenly interested in functional movement, high intensity training, and the importance of diversity in training.  I love working with CrossFit athletes, both recreational and competitive. CrossFit builds camaraderie in its athletes, and it is undeniably beneficial to have a little extra motivation to stay active.  If you require motivation and have never had a workout partner or group, I would encourage you to find one.

My personal health is built on three main concepts:  eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise.  That, and everyone deserves a little free time.  When not focused on my work or training, I prefer to be outside.  I love to hike, snowboard, back country camp, canoe, scuba dive and explore, and I try to experience this in as many different countries as possible.  Though I truly believe that you need to explore your own back yard, and I continue to explore as much of Canada as possible, from the West Coast Trail to the banks of Cape Spears. I believe it would go a long way for human acceptance and compassion if everyone experienced what it is like to be a visible minority, or to not speak the local language.  I travel to as many different places as I can manage, taking in as many experiences as I can fit in along the way.